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For Power & Process Plants

Collaboration, 2016 - Meeting of ETD staff with the management of Chugoku Power Company (Hiroshima, Japan) to sign a collaboration agreement.

Poland Conference, 2015 - Delegates of the recent Conference organised by ETD Consulting & Mazur Energy in Poland, October 2015. In the centre from left to right, Mr. Henryk Mazur, CEO Mazur Energy (red tie), Dr. A Shibli, CEO ETD Consulting, Prof. F. Masuyama, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan & Prof. Z. Peng, Wuhan University, China.

China Conference, 2016 - P91, P92, P23 and P24 Conference held in Wuhan, China, in April 2016. Dr D Robertson of ETD is sitting in the front row (6th from left) and Dr A Shibli of ETD and Conference Chairman is sitting in the middle (11th from left).

Recorded Events

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