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Experts in Materials especially in P91 & P92 Steels & Power Plant Flexible Operation


Why choose ETD?

The advantage of ETD over others is that ETD can conduct both on-site services and post-outage life assessment work. Our historical expertise now approaching quarter of a century has been in integrity and life assessment of power and process plant.

This means that, when we review historical operations and maintenance data, we properly understand what to look for and what needs to be inspected and tested during outage. We can therefore direct and co-ordinate our testing and inspection teams to undertake the most appropriate tests in the right spots, ensuring the most productive use of your outage time, to gather the most useful testing data and samples for analysis.

We can then, if required, analyse the data and samples and provide you with life assessment reporting and forward thinking operations and maintenance recommendations, or even develop maintenance plans for you, as you require.

Whether your need is for one-off replication service, other NDE on-site services or life assessment - or if you want one group to design, manage and run your entire outage and life assessment process - ETD can assist.

We know that many organisations require supplier pre-approval and we are happy to undertake such registrations if needed. We have an excellent track record of work with organisations: see our Project Partners and References by way of example.




ETD Consulting is an industry leader in root-cause failure analysis, finite element and probabilistic analysis, weld analysis, materials evaluations, repair/replacement analysis, and more.

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ETD Consulting specialises in providing state-of-the-art non-destructive evaluation (NDE) services to meet client needs. 

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ETD can offer technically excellent and cost-effective proposals for your pre-outage planning, on-site services, or post-outage life assessment and reporting needs

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