Protection & Preservation of Compressors in Gas Turbines

ETD Proposal No: 1471-gsp-prop16

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ETD has launched a new proposal for a Group Sponsored Project. The proposal is titled ‘Protection and Preservation of Power Plant Gas Turbine Compressors’. This study is intended to provide operators of Power Plant Gas Turbines (PPGTs) with information to improve their inspection and maintenance planning in relation to the PPGT compressor, and to enhance the economics of plant operation. This will allow them to target improvements and optimize expenditure on related aspects of their plant Operations and Maintenance. Such optimization can potentially save plant operators $millions, in terms of improved output and thermal efficiency, as explained in the proposal. This idea comes from the problems faced by some ETD clients, who have experienced damage and degradation of their PPGT compressor.

As this is a Group Sponsored Project (GSP) where the project costs are shared between a number of sponsors, the fee for participation in the project is only a fraction of the full project cost. If you would like to obtain a detailed proposal, or would like to discuss options to join this Group Sponsored Project, then please don't hesitate to contact us