Feasibility Study of Drones & Miniature Robots for Power & Process Plant Inspection

ETD, together with its industry sponsors, have started work on this multi-client Group Sponsored Project (GSP). The mere size of industrial plant (such as, for example, power plant boilers and HRSGs, burners, ducting etc.) means that visually examining various parts needs time, costly scaffolding and hazardous climbing. Some preliminary investigations on the use of commercial drones, with basic modifications for safe operation, are now being considered by some industrial plants. Similarly, the use of small robots or robotic arms that can help to inspect difficult to access areas or operate in environments that are hazardous can save cost, money and lives.

The aim of this short term six-months duration feasibility study is to investigate automated devices available in the market and those being developed by universities, research institutes or industry and make recommendations for appropriate and cost effective devices for industrial inspection.

The benefit of joining this GSP, in which costs are shared, is that each participant gains the results of the whole project at a fraction of the total project cost.

As this is a feasibility study project the costs involved are very small. For the detailed proposal and costs involved please contact us.