Advanced Materials

The creep strength enhanced ferritic (CSEF) steels exhibit impressive creep strength, yet their use has encountered difficulties throughout the world, due to processing deficiencies that have been implicated in numerous failures, forced outages, construction extensions, and premature component replacements. This trend has been witnessed with materials such as T23, T24, T/P91, T/P92, with recent plant inspections having detected an alarming number of improperly processed welds and components.

These issues are entirely avoidable and often arise due to a lack of understanding of these complex materials. When used correctly they can give the best plant performance available, but when handled without proper expertise they can cause failures and delays.

ETD Consulting employs recognised world experts in these materials

Europe has been at the forefront when it comes to employing CSEF steels both in new build and component replacement/plant life extension, as well as conducting the very latest research, and ETD Consulting can bring that knowledge to you.

ETD Consulting offers a comprehensive CSEF asset management program to optimize service life and minimise any future problems

The program addresses all aspects of CSEF design, procurement, fabrication, installation, and operation. Specific services include field inspection to identify problems, development or review of purchasing/processing specifications, welding programs, quality control programs, vendor evaluation and on-site monitoring.

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