Boiler Integrity

Pressure part failures are one of the major sources of lost revenue for fossil-fired power plants. To minimize these problems, we provide a comprehensive suite of services to help manage boiler integrity programs. Our expert knowledge will help fossil-fired power plants during both scheduled and unscheduled outages, to identify and help address both immediate and future potential failures.


Our experts in fossil-fired Boiler Integrity can work with you to optimize the available outage time by pre-identifying areas of concern based on our experience with similar units, by performing engineering evaluations based on supplied boiler operating and design data, and from an understanding of unit operating conditions. Then the outage efforts (inspections, engineering assessments, and repairs) can focus on these areas of concern. Before the outage, fitness-for-service models of the critical components can be built to reduce the time needed for run/repair/replace calculations. Some tasks that may be involved at this stage include:

Cracking in a T92 panel weld and FE model predicting the areas that were susceptible to cracking

  • Development and/or review of QA / CAD drawings
  • Finite Element modelling of components and stress analysis to identify key areas for inspection
  • Development of inspection procedures / checklist
  • Inspection and assessment outage workscope development
  • Training in various aspects of bolier integrity

Forced and Planned Outage Services 

Outage time precious, it allows critical components to be inspected but must be completed quickly so the plant can get back into operation. As a result, to have a successful outage, it is critical to have timely and actionable information as soon as possible to allow for sufficient time to address any issues that could negatively affect unit operation. ETD's engineers are available to travel around the world to provide the services you need, and can be available quickly when unplanned outages occur. Examples of our services are summarized below:

  • Boiler inspection services
  • Condition assessment with advanced NDE
  • Repair support and verification
  • Quality Assurance and Control

Post-Outage Services

The activities that occur during the outage are only the start, the efforts made after the unit is placed back into service can have a significant impact on how best to optimize the life of the boiler and to refine future outage work. Our Boiler Integrity experts can provide this in various ways ranging from a comprehensive review of outage performance to root cause analysis of outage findings. Other post-outage work includes the development of long-term comprehensive inspection and assessment plans based on both operating and outage data. Other specific tasks include:

  • Fitness-for-Service Engineering
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Metallurgical Evaluations
  • Failure Analysis
  • Remaining Life Assessment
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