Boiler Tube Assessment

Boiler tubing assessments that characterise tube conditions and predict future serviceability are the cornerstone of a successful boiler tube failure reduction program

ETD Consulting's experienced engineering and metallurgy staff are well-prepared to tackle any tubing assessment projects, including evaluations of waterwall tubes with issues as such waterside corrosion, hydrogen damage, caustic gouging, corrosion fatigue cracking, and flow-accelerated corrosion; creep damage evaluations of superheater and reheater tubing operating at elevated temperatures; evaluations of dissimilar metal welds for creep, fatigue, oxide notching, and carbide coarsening etc.

Prevent failures before they occur

Boiler tube assessment isn't just a case of waiting for failures to happen, ETD Consulting can help identify key areas and develop inspection programs. Regular condition assessments can help identify potential problems and eliminate them before failure can occur. Our unique expertise in probabilistic assessment means that you would need to inspect, check and repair or replace lesser number of tubes than under a deterministic assessment which is what most consulting companies or OEM’s will be able to offer you. This will of course help you with saving costs and increasing profitability.

At ETD Consulting, we keep up-to-date with the latest research into damage mechanisms and new materials, so our clients receive the most accurate evaluations of problems and the best possible solutions that meet their requirements.