Defect Assessment

ETD Consulting is internationally recognised in the field of defect/crack assessment both at ambient and elevated temperatures

Indeed ETD's scientists and engineers had, some years ago, led the European team of researchers to develop the well known HIDA procedure (High-temperature Defect Assessment) which was aimed at harmonising and bringing together British, German and French defect assessment procedures.

Based on the prototype of the HIDA Procedure and Software, ETD Consulting has now developed, with the support of the European industry, its own commercial procedure and software known as CrackFit. This incorporates a range of effective and robust in-house tools that incorporate the widely accepted fracture assessment procedures (BS 7910, BS 5500, R6, R5 and RCCMR-A16) and our own practical field experience.

These special purpose tools, which are based on both deterministic and probabilistic methods, enable the assessment of known defects and determine maximum acceptable defect sizes to assist in identifying suitable inspection methods and inspection intervals. ETD's Asset Integrity Services performs fracture mechanics assessments by means of classical stress analysis or finite element technique as appropriate, including the 'Leak-Before-Break' methodology. The defect assessments are used to underwrite many aspects of structural integrity, including but not limited to:

  • Remaining or remnant life prediction

  • Fitness-for-purpose assessment

  • Life extension of ageing equipment

  • Assessment of required/allowable inspection intervals

  • Compliance to regulatory requirements

Typical fatigue crack growth assessment and sensitivity analysis.