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ETD Consulting has developed an electronic atlas of approximately 10,000 replicas of the commonly used steels in the power and petrochemical industry and their relationship with the material life as a function of operating time and temperature.

e-Atlas thus gives plant engineers the ability to compare the microstructure of in-service components with a huge compendium of reference microstructures from the database. It gives plant engineers the comparator information to identify the microstructure degradation and conditions i.e. cavities, voids or other microstructure degradation. 


The e-Atlas consists of a microstructural catalogue of ex-service components including those with very long service durations of 30 years or more and is mainly based on replica records from a variety of components from power and petrochemical plants. The micrographs in e-Atlas are accompanied by relevant information of the microstructural degradation and damage mechanisms.

e-Atlas covers a broad range of materials such as A335 P22, A335 P11, X20, 1CrMoV, 10CrMo910, 12CrMo910, 14CrMo3, 14MoV63 etc. The major components are superheater and reheater headers, tubes of several internal pressure levels, drum body, steam line, drum nozzles, down comerspipes, evaporator panels etc.


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