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e-Lifing is a Compendium of Lifing Procedures formulated by ETD Consulting through years of research & development work in collaboration with our international partners from Japan. 

The compendium incorporates procedures for the assessment of the integrity and life of components without pre-existing defects, components with manufacturing or service induced defects/cracks, probabilistic integrity/ life and crack assessment procedures, procedures for weld repairs, procedures for miniature specimen testing, risk based maintenance procedures etc.

The compendium is in electronic format for ease of use and for facilitating on-line calculations of some of the functions such as life calculations from oxide thickness measurements, assessment of crack initiation and growth under creep, fatigue or creep-fatigue interaction conditions etc.

Furthermore, the electronic format has helped to incorporate features which would have been impossible or impractical to incorporate otherwise. Thus 1,000 replica images of the microstructures of old  plant  components  with  known  operation  histories  have  been  incorporated  to  help compare the microstructure of the users' old plant components with the e-Lifing database and get an indication of the remaining life of the plant.

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