ETD Consulting’s collaborative R&D work with international industry means that we are at the forefront of advancements in technologies to improve Plant Integrity and Life Assessment. The services and tools we offer are therefore among the most advanced available to industry.

Three groundbreaking technologies are offered exclusively by ETD Consulting

We offer both of these technologies either for purchase or for use as part of ETD Consulting’s services on your plant during outage.

EDSE (Electrical Discharge Sampling Equipment) is a quantum leap forward in non-destructive ‘boat sampling’, making traditional tools for this look antiquated and destructive. It can cut out small slices between 1 to 20 mm thick and approximately 20mm2 or 40mm2.

The portable SFM (Scanning Force Microscope) has been developed for early stage damage detection such as creep cavitation (especially in new generation of high performance steels like ASME P91 and P92) which will not be found using traditional replication techniques. It is a substantial advancement on traditional SEM.

Obikou or 'Bandage Reinforcement Method’ and is offered for reinforcing creep or fatigue vulnerable or damaged pipelines by simply and quickly winding an alloy strip at site, in order to improve the creep and fatigue strength of a straight, bent, or seam welded high temperature pipe.

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