Renting of Electrical Discharge Sampling Equipment to a client for a project in the Middle East


ETD was approached by a European based company to rent their Electrical Discharge Sampling Equipment (EDSE) for a month to cut samples from a power plant in the Middle East.

The EDSE was developed by ETD in collaboration with international partners to aid in the condition and life assessment of components. The sampling of in-service components has long been seen as an effective way of determining actual material properties and sub-surface material condition. However, many of the existing methods of sample removal require mechanical cutting which can deform the surface and usually require weld repair. Unlike the traditional mechanical ‘boat sampler’, with EDSE, the surface damage if any is of the level of only a few microns. EDSE can also be used to cut out specimens for small punch testing and miniature creep, fatigue or tensile testing for more accurate quantitative life assessment.

The EDSE is available to rent or for purchase. For more information on our EDSE services, please click here.