Best Practices Guidelines for the Management of Pressure Parts in a Power Plant

ETD employed a number of experienced plant engineers some with over 40 years of plant operation and maintenance experience and consultants with in-depth knowledge of issues such as component fabrication, fitness-for-service and crack and life assessment. Experts with knowledge and experience of the use of on-site NDE techniques including the development and use of new and more advanced techniques contributed to the compiling of this review, thus making these Guidelines particularly beneficial not only for the younger engineers but also for the experienced engineers who obviously cannot be experts in all of these diverse fields or in the latest developments in design, materials, fabrication, and inspection techniques. Similarly, experts with practical experience and knowledge of spare parts storage, identification and management strategies have contributed to pressure parts management strategy section and others with more familiarity with the international codes and standards have contributed to these guidelines, thus making this report a very comprehensive and up to date document on this topic.

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