ETD launches two new Group Sponsored Projects - 'Abnormal P91' & 'P91/92 Inspection & Lifing' - new Sponsors invited to join!

ETD Consulting announces two new Group Sponsored Projects (GSPs)

  1. ‘Abnormal P91’ on creep rupture strength of aberrant P91 base and weld metals. This 5- year duration project involves the generation of long term (up to 30kh) stress rupture data for the parent and weld metals often found in power plants which have not been properly heat treated and which need integrity and life evaluation.
  2. 'P91-P92 Inspection and Lifing' This 2-year duration project deals with the evaluation of some of the new and innovative inspection techniques on P91 and P92 pipes being tested under creep and creep-fatigue conditions and relating such damage to the remaining life of these components. 

For further information on these GSPs see our Active GSPs

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