ETD Consulting completes Cycling Cost & Performance Analysis of two European CCGT Plants

ETD Consulting has recently completed a project involving the cycling cost and performance analysis of two European CCGT plants

The analysis estimated the current and future maintenance costs and performance impact caused by plant cycling operation through top down and bottom up analysis according to cold, warm and hot starts.

Maintenance / failure history, operating, cost and reliability data were collected for the units, which was used to determine correlations between reliability performance, operating mode, maintenance expenditure and component life - both historically and predicted for future operation. An in depth condition assessment, including water chemistry and corrosion analysis, was also conducted to identify key engineering threats and support the estimates of future costs and performance.

The results of the study will be used to provide more accurate data for market modeling within the system, greater knowledge of the plants' potential schedule rankings and therefore its potential profitability & risk going forward

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