2 Hour In-House RCM Seminar - Specific to your Plant

Training bespoke to your plant, delivered where and when you want, one fixed seminar cost for as many personnel per plant as you require

This training is available for Power and Process Plants

ETD is pleased to announce an exceptional RCM training opportunity.

ETD will deliver a 2 hour In-House Seminar, prepared bespoke for your plant, to introduce your Plant personnel to the concepts of RCM and consider how an RCM program can be successfully devised and implemented for your particular Plant, to increase efficiency and productivity while saving costs.

ETD's RCM Seminar will be tailored specifically for your Plant and adjusted to suit your personnel's prior level of RCM knowledge. Before the Seminar, ETD will ask you to provide background information on your Plant, so that we can tailor our RCM Seminar according to your Plant requirements and needs.

Your plant personnel/ engineers/ managers will be the only attendees at the Seminar, so discussions can be at the level appropriate for them. This also means that we can have frank and informative discussions, in confidence, about RCM specific to your Plant.

Note: this Seminar is delivered either online or by videoconferencing to a location of your choice. So you can project us directly into your training room or, if you prefer, personnel can access the Seminar using just a computer with stable internet connection.

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