1-5 Day In-House RCM Training Course - Specific to your Plant

1-5 Day In-House RCM Training Course - Specific to your Plant

Training bespoke to your plant, delivered where and when you want.

This training course is available for Power and Process Plants

ETD is pleased to announce an exceptional RCM training opportunity for 2015.

ETD Consulting is pleased to offer a unique In-house Training Course on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) for Power and/or Process Plants (both conventional and CCGT).  This RCM Course will give your plant personnel a detailed understanding of RCM and consider how an RCM programme can be successfully devised and implemented for your particular Plant, to increase efficiency and productivity while saving costs.

ETD's RCM Training Course will be tailored specifically for your plant and adjusted to suit your personnel's prior level of RCM knowledge. Before the Training Course, ETD will ask you to provide background information on your Plant, so that we can tailor our RCM Course according to your Plant requirements and needs. Your plant personnel/ engineers/ managers will be the only attendees at the Training Course, so discussions can be at the level appropriate for them. This also means that we can have frank and informative discussions, in confidence, about RCM specific to your Plant.

ETD’s RCM Training Course is fully customisable according to your needs. The course can run from 1 – 5 days depending on your time and budget requirements. A sample 5 day programme is included in the brochure. For shorter training, clients can either select topics of interest, or ETD can advise on the most suitable programme content for you.  

ETD's Training Course can be delivered in person to a venue of your choice, anywhere in the world. Alternatively, we can deliver this Course remotely using our videoconference technology. At your end, the training course can be received through anything from a full videoconferencing system to just a laptop or tablet computer. All you need is a stable internet connection. Our trainer attends remotely and can fully engage and interact with your attendees. 

ETD has previously delivered up to 4 day training events using our videoconferencing system and is experienced in providing training through this medium. All technical connections will be fully tested with you prior to the delivery of the training course, to ensure an excellent end user experience.

There is no limit on the number of attendees you wish to include - you can have as many of your people attend the training course as you can fit into your training room! By using our remote delivery method, ETD is able to provide invaluable knowledge to your people with exceptional value for money. 

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Benchmarking: the key to improved performance and lower costs - Modern Power Systems

Benchmarking: the key to improved performance and lower costs - Modern Power Systems