February 2015 Technology Newsletter

ETD Consulting's February 2015 Technology Newsletter is now available for free download! It includes articles on the following - 

  • 2015 & 2016 Courses & Conferences
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) 
  • Plant Cycling Cost & Performance Analysis
  • New Group Sponsored Projects
  • New Int. Collaboration Groupings 
  • Consulting, On-site & Outage Services
  • Guidelines & Reports

Two important issues to mention here are: 
a)    ETD’s new role to act, from January 2015, as an ’Operating Agent’ for EPERC (European Pressure Equipment Research Council) and help develop new European industry initiatives in pressure vessels research. To be a part of this international network please write to us for further information on how to join EPERC.
b)    A number of ETD’s new, big and bold joint industry initiatives in P91, P92 research and data generation for international industry. These are aimed at, amongst other things, improving the life of welded P91 and P92 components by many fold and at improving in-service component inspection, monitoring and life assessment methodologies and technologies. 


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