Senior Staff Vacancies at ETD

Located in the heart of Surrey, 40 minutes train journey from central London, ETD is a company with an international client base and reputation. We offer services to power and process industry in plant integrity/life assessment, on-site services/ NDE, RBM, RCM, plant cost analysis, materials and welding issues etc. Our projects in the development of new technologies, new methodologies and guidelines, in collaboration with international industry, enable us to offer the latest and state-of-the-art products and services.

1.    Plant Integrity Manager/ Expert

We are currently seeking an expert in Power and/or Process Plant Integrity/ Life Assessment. This position requires a person with established track record. The work involves a good practical knowledge of plant inspection and life assessment issues. The successful applicant will have the ability to prepare successful proposals for both plant outage and general integrity work, liaise with clients and manage teams of engineers during outages in the UK and abroad. 

2.     High Temperature Materials Expert (particularly in P91, P92 steels)

This position requires an expert with a good knowledge (and possibly already established reputation) in the area of high temperature materials for power and process plant. Work may involve both industry support in solving materials problems and R&D projects. He/she may also have to occasionally travel overseas in support of work on a client’s plant or for lecturing/ training industry engineers in materials issues. ETD already has a good knowledge and database of these materials. This position will suit those with either industry or academic background. 

The rewards offered for these positions are very competitive. Please only apply if you are self motivated and keen to build an international reputation for yourself and the company.
Please email your CV or any enquiries to Dr Shibli at: