Recent Sale of an EDSE

ETD is pleased to announce the successful recent sale of one of our Electrical Discharge Sampling Equipment (EDSE). This is a unique tool for NDT sample cutting, developed together with one of our international partners.

EDSE is one of a groundbreaking range of NDT and engineering consultancy services offered by ETD. It cuts out small slices between 1 to 20 mm thick and approximately 20mm square or 40mm square or 40mm x 120mm from thick section components for their remaining life evaluation and extension. The unique cutting process leaves behind cavities with round edges that do not require repair.

The cutting time for a standard specimen is about 1.5 hours and the EDSE can be used on horizontal, vertical and angled surfaces by either strapping to the component or through the use of a magnetic mount. It has been used both on pressure vessels and turbine rotors but can also be used on any industrial structures such as windmills, bridges etc.

The purchase came from a Czech Republic based company. They focus on improving in service reliability and service life of power engineering devices – material tests, residual service life assessment, etc.

The EDSE is available for purchase or rental or for use as part of ETD’s services.

For more information on the Electrical Discharge Sampling Equipment click here.