On-site Inspection and Life Assessment of Superheater Tubes

ETD is pleased to announce the successful recent completion of an NDT project.

ETD has just completed a project on tube ‘Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)’ for their superheaters (SH) I, II & III. The work involved performing on-site inspection of T91 and low alloy tubes for ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurements of tube wall and internal oxide scale. The inspection data was then used to estimate tube metal temperature and to predict the tube remaining life by using appropriate codes and relationships.

The objectives and scope of the work carried out were:

  • Review the drawings of superheater (SH) I, II & III tube banks;
  • Identify accessible test locations considering x% of SH III and y% of SH I & II outlet header tubes (proposed by ETD);
  • Perform on-site ultrasonic thickness (UT) measurement of tube wall and internal oxide scale (by an operator experienced in T91 internal oxide thickness measurement); 
  • Review and interpretation of on-site inspection data and estimation of tube metal temperature;
  • Assessment of the remaining life of tubes based on internal oxide thickness measurement and estimated tube metal temperature;
  • Prepare a full report including results of the on-site inspection and life assessment and make recommendations for any further actions to be taken by the client for safe operation of tube components.

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