January 2017 Technology Newsletter

Please click on the image below to access the latest edition (January 2017) of ETD's Technology Newsletter. This describes various power and process plant activities, new technologies and methodologies for plant inspection, integrity and life assessment, material quality checks, issues with P91 & P92 Steels, new industry (third party and Group Sponsored) projects and other initiatives such as ETD’s plant services for inspection and life assessment.

Special recognition must be for pages 1-4 which discuss ETD's offer of new patented technologies for the inspection, monitoring, repair and life extension of high temperature plant components. These are particularly, but not exclusively, suitable for P91 and P92 components. References and details can be provided on request.

Also on page 9, please see information on ETD’s various forthcoming Training Courses and Conferences being held in the UK, Italy and Australia during 2017. Particular mention must be made of our popular series of HIDA conferences - HIDA-7 (followed by a 2-days Training Course on Crack Assessment in Industrial Componentswhich will be held in the UK in May 2017.

Please Note Limited Time Offer: ETD is now offering its Reports / Guidelines at 50% of the announced price for a limited time. This will only apply to orders received and paid for during the months of January and February 2017. Please click here to see the list of Reports. The list contains live links to see the report contents and other details.