Recent Completed Projects on ‘Failure Analysis of HRSG High Temperature Superheater (HPHTSH) and Reheater Outlet Header Tubes’

Failure Analysis.png

Following the client’s recent tube failures close to tube-to-header connections in their High Pressure High Temperature Superheater (HPHTSH) Outlet Header, ETD were invited to submit a proposal to carry out failure analysis of T91 tube samples removed from the failed area for a European Power Plant. The work involved performing tube failure analysis study based on laboratory testing and assessment of two removed tube samples.

The scope of the work carried out included:

  • Visual and dimensional examination of the tube samples, including examination of the failure/damage location appearance and condition of internal and external tube surfaces and any deposits;
  • Metallographic examination of the tube samples to assess the condition of the microstructure and to identify the damage/failure mechanism(s);
  • Hardness testing and evaluation to determine the equivalent tensile strength values (using published hardness/UTS correlation tables) to assess the mechanical strength or softening of the tube materials;
  • Chemical analysis of tube material to determine the chemical composition of the tube material to establish actual material constituents;
  • Estimation of tube operating temperature based on measurements of steam-side oxide thickness, and evaluation of remaining creep life;
  • Review of design drawings, operating parameters, previous failure and maintenance history;
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCA) based on the findings of above investigations;
  • Report covering results of investigations, failure analysis & recommendations for remedial actions to prevent repeat tube failures.

This work was carried out to the satisfaction of the customer.

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