Recent Completed Project on ‘Root Cause Failure Analysis of a Broken Shaft’

ETD was requested to provide a quotation to perform Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCA) of a broken shaft from a shiploader for a Middle Eastern Power Plant..

The scope of the work carried out included:

  • Visual and dimensional examination of the failed sample including surface appearance;
  • Chemical analysis of base material to determine the chemical composition of the sample material to establish actual material constituents;
  • Metallographic examination of the sample using optical microscopy to assess the condition of material degradation and also to identify the damage mechanism(s);
  • Fractographic examination of the sample using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) for the detailed assessment of damaged surface;
  • Hardness testing and evaluation to determine the equivalent tensile strength values (using published hardness/UTS correlation tables) to assess the mechanical strength of the sample materials;
  • Basic review of design drawings, operating parameters, previous failure and maintenance history.
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCA) based on the findings of above investigations.
  • Report covering results of investigations, RCA results and recommendations for any further actions to be taken for safe operation of the component.

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