Recent Completed Project on ‘Risk Based Inspection and Remaining Life Assessment of a Boiler for an Asian Power Plant’

ETD were approached to submit a proposal on ‘Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Remaining Life Assessment (RLA) of one of the client’s boilers by performing on-site inspection, analysis and assessment on tubes, T-piece nozzles, stub tube weldments and hot reheat pipe weldment for FSOH and ROH.

The work involved performing on-site inspections - ultrasonic measurements (UT) of tube wall & bore oxide scale thickness, replication, hardness measurement, wet fluorescent magnetic particle test and advance UT phased array of selected components from FSOH and ROH. The inspection data was then used to estimate tube metal temperature and identify material degradation. This was then used for damage assessment and predicting the remaining life of outlet headers and tubes of final superheater and reheater. The previous inspection and maintenance data for other pressure parts (i.e. economiser, etc) were also reviewed and analysed to complete remaining life assessment of the boiler.

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