Recent Completed Project on 'Creep Assessment Using SFM & Standard Replication' for a European Plant

ETD is pleased to announce the successful recent completion of a Creep Assessment project. The principal objective of this study was to examine components in order to detect the presence of any creep cavities. The components are manufactured in P11 steel. In order to perform this study ETD suggested using standard replication technique and its most advanced equipment Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) and (EDSE).

The scope of the work included:

  • Firstly, operation details such as temperature, pressure and service hours were checked in advance in order to have a general understanding of the condition of the components. Component drawings were then checked to organize inspection with the SFM and to identify replica spots and EDSE sampling locations.
  • Secondly, Component inspection was performed with the SFM microscope. The number of scans depended on the number of areas identified for inspection on each component. Replication was then performed after SFM scanning is completed. The replication was carried out at the same location where SFM scan was carried out. The number of replicas depended on the number of areas identified for examination and time available at the plant.
  • Next, The EDSE was used to cut out two to three specimens (depending on the accessibility of the location) of the dimensions. These were studied later in the laboratory to counter check the damage detected by the SFM and replication. For such a comparison it will be necessary to study these samples both under the Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopes.
  • Lastly, a report was submitted covering results of investigations and recommendations for any further actions to be taken.

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