Recent 3-Day Training Course on Replication for the staff of an African based Process Plant


ETD is pleased to announce the recent completion of a 3-Day training course of replication for the staff of an African based Process Plant.

Following on from our recent 2-Day Training Course on P91 & P92 Steel Issues held in Newcastle, Australia on 9th - 10th October 2017, ETD was approached to hold a training course for several of the client’s engineers at ETD’s Offices.

advanced NDE.jpg

The 3-Day Training Course included:

  • Power Plant Construction Material;

  • Damage Mechanisms;

  • Failure Analysis;

  • Replication and Replica Assessment;

  • Welding and Welding Repair of P91 Material.

After completion of the training course, each participant was presented with a certificate stating that they were now qualified in the aforementioned areas.

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