ETD's Invitation to Join New & On-Going Group Sponsored Projects (GSPs)

In response to the needs of the international industry, ETD Consulting regularly launches new multi-client projects which are open to all.

ETD has excellent expertise through its in-house R&D, plant service/technical consulting and project management experience and links with plant manufacturers, plant operators, service providers and researchers from around the world. The company is thus in an ideal position to conduct such projects on behalf of project partners/sponsors and bring together plant experience from best run plants and the latest technology development in Europe, Japan, USA and elsewhere.

The benefit of joining these GSPs, in which costs are shared, is that each participant gains the data and results of the whole project at a fraction of the total project cost. All work is carried out by ETD and its expert staff/ consultants but the sponsors determine its direction.

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Power Plant HRSG Remaining Life Assessment project completed

ETD recently completed a project at a power generation plant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The work involved remaining life assessment on their HRSG boilers which are used in combined cycle operation.

To see what the feedback was on this project, please click on the image. 

ETD has established expertise in the life assessment of components from petrochemical and power plants operating in the creep regime. For more information about our Remaining Life Assessment Services please click here.

ETD completes large projects on inspection & life assessment of P91 welds, Philippines & Malaysia

ETD Consulting has just completed two large projects on the inspection and life assessment of P91 welds in thick section components.

The work was carried out on

- a coal fired power plant in Philippines; and

- an HRSG in Malaysia.

The winning of such projects, some through open tenders, demonstrates ETD Consulting’s reputation as international P91 experts.

To learn more about our expertise in Advanced Materials including P91 and the services we can offer please click here

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ETD delivers training on Boiler / HRSG Integrity, Life Assessment & P91 Issues in Manila, Philipinnes

Two of ETD Consulting's trainers successfully delivered a 3 day training course to delegates in Manila, Philippines from 15 to 17 January 2014 

The course covered – Boiler / HRSG Integrity & Life Assessment; P91 Heat treatment, Welding & Inspection.

For more details on the training courses ETD Consulting can offer you, please click here.

Trainers & delegates at the training course

Trainers & delegates at the training course