Offer of Unique P91, P92 Services for New & Running Plants

In this P91/P92 Services Brochure you will find useful and interesting information on ETD’s unique P91, P92 Services for New & Running Plants. These include:

a) Inspection, Monitoring, Assessment & Life Extension Services: Over the last decade through its collaborative research programmes, with its international industry partners, involving large pipe testing ETD has developed a suite of specialist inspection and monitoring techniques and life assessment methodologies that it offers to plants worldwide. These are offered in addition to the conventional NDE techniques for the detection and sizing of defects, together with replication and portable hardness testing for component condition and remaining life assessment. ETD carries out code-based calculations of creep life using either deterministic or probabilistic (another of ETD specialities) methodologies. Examples of these techniques include: Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) for early stage damage detection, Miniature sample removal (boat sampling) for quality checks and life/condition assessment, Precision Portable Hardness Tester (known as ‘Smart sleeve’), ‘Obikou’ for Pipe Strengthening and Life Extension and Defect/Crack Assessment.

 b) Root Cause Failure Analysis: Over the years ETD has developed an expertise in the root cause failure investigation of P91 and P92 components/welds. In the recent past, ETD has investigated a range of failures of T91 tube components and welds, and cracking in P91 pipes and drain-line components in conventional boilers and HRSGs. In these investigations, ETD identifies the root cause of the damage, and proposes remedial actions and solutions to the problem.

c) Consultancy & Guidelines on Materials & Welding: ETD provides P91 and P92 users with advice and guidance on the metallurgy, welding and heat treatment of these steels. This service includes reviewing weld procedure specifications (WPS) for similar and dissimilar metal welds, inspection of NDE records, and guidelines for repair welding of P91. The advice is provided to both the plant operators and designers/ manufacturers. This advice is based on ETD’s P91 experience in a number of Group Sponsored Projects including its running of the International P91 Users Group (Int. P91UG) for international industry over more than a decade and its involvement as consultants to many a power plants worldwide.

For further details of our P91/P92 services and opportunities being offered, please click on the image above.

Offer of On-Site Plant Services, Root Cause Failure Analysis and Life Assessment

If you have an upcoming outage in 2017 or beyond, ETD Consulting - a UK based company operating globally, would like to offer a quote for your outage work. We can make technically excellent and cost-effective proposals for your on-site NDE services and/ or post-outage life assessment.

The advantage of ETD over many others is that ETD can conduct both on-site services and post-outage life assessment. We are also independent so can provide you impartial services. Our expertise in plant integrity/ life assessment, Condition Assessment, FFS, RBI etc. is well established and is backed up by state-of-the-art technologies developed in collaboration with the international industry – technologies that are the envy of our competitors. Our long established expertise means that, when we review your plant’s historical operations and maintenance data, we know what to look for and what needs to be inspected and tested during the outage. We can therefore direct and co-ordinate our testing and inspection teams to undertake the most appropriate tests in the right spots, ensuring the most productive use of your outage time, to gather the most useful testing data and samples for analysis. We can then, if required, analyse the data and samples and provide you with life assessment reporting and forward thinking operations and maintenance recommendations, or even develop maintenance plans for you, as you require.
Whether your need is for one-off replication services, other NDE on-site services and/or life assessment - or if you want one organisation to design, manage and run your entire outage and life assessment process, ETD can assist.

We know that many organisations require supplier pre-approval and we are happy to undertake such registrations if needed.

If you would be interested in discussing potential projects further please feel free to contact us.

Recent Completed Project on ‘Investigation of Cracking Damage to a Gas Turbine Compressor Blade’ for a European Power Plant

During a recent outage, the gas turbine inspectors noticed cracking damage in one of their compressor blades. ETD was requested to or carry out an investigation of cracking damage to this GT compressor blade.

ETD was supplied by the client with one failed compressor blade (cracked) and one compressor blade (un-cracked).

ETD carried out the following work:

  • Visual / macroscopic examination of the general surface condition and the cracking damage on the blade samples, including the recording of the blade dimensions;
  • Microscopic examination of the general surface condition and the cracking damage in the blade sample.  Metallographic sections were prepared, in order to examine the extent of cracking in the damaged areas, as well as the condition of the un-cracked blade to help identify the damage mechanism e.g. fatigue, corrosion, impingement damage etc.;
  • Chemical analysis of deposits evident near the fracture surfaces – Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) analysis of deposits was carried out in a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). 
  • Analysis of the base material chemical composition for the compressor blade samples, to determine theactual material constituents;
  • Fractographic analysis of the fracture surfaces to identify the damage mechanism, using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) coupled with findings of visual examination, optical microscopy and chemical analysis;
  • Hardness testing to check the mechanical condition of the compressor blade material;
  • Identification of potential causes of the damage and the source of any contaminants that may have contributed to the damage;
  • Estimation of the remaining life for the un-cracked blade, using fatigue life assessment according to EN12952 standard. Observations from the other analyses was used to assess the blade material condition and to refine the life assessment results.
  • A report was submitted to the client based on the investigation of the cracking damage with photo documentation, including (i) analysis of the risk of continuing to run the GT, and (ii) recommendations for remedial actions to avoid or minimize the risk of damage recurrence to the GT units.

ETD has extensive knowledge and experience of damage mechanisms and failure root cause analysis of components operating in power plants. For more information about ETD’s Failure Analysis services, please click here.

Recent Completed Project on ‘Root Cause Failure Analysis of a Broken Shaft’

ETD was requested to provide a quotation to perform Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCA) of a broken shaft from a shiploader for a Middle Eastern Power Plant..

The scope of the work carried out included:

  • Visual and dimensional examination of the failed sample including surface appearance;
  • Chemical analysis of base material to determine the chemical composition of the sample material to establish actual material constituents;
  • Metallographic examination of the sample using optical microscopy to assess the condition of material degradation and also to identify the damage mechanism(s);
  • Fractographic examination of the sample using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) for the detailed assessment of damaged surface;
  • Hardness testing and evaluation to determine the equivalent tensile strength values (using published hardness/UTS correlation tables) to assess the mechanical strength of the sample materials;
  • Basic review of design drawings, operating parameters, previous failure and maintenance history.
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCA) based on the findings of above investigations.
  • Report covering results of investigations, RCA results and recommendations for any further actions to be taken for safe operation of the component.

For more information about ETD’s Failure Analysis services, please click here.