Recent 3-Day Training Course on Replication for the staff of an African based Process Plant


ETD is pleased to announce the recent completion of a 3-Day training course of replication for the staff of an African based Process Plant.

Following on from our recent 2-Day Training Course on P91 & P92 Steel Issues held in Newcastle, Australia on 9th - 10th October 2017, ETD was approached to hold a training course for several of the client’s engineers at ETD’s Offices.

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The 3-Day Training Course included:

  • Power Plant Construction Material;

  • Damage Mechanisms;

  • Failure Analysis;

  • Replication and Replica Assessment;

  • Welding and Welding Repair of P91 Material.

After completion of the training course, each participant was presented with a certificate stating that they were now qualified in the aforementioned areas.

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Offer of Both Traditional and Innovative Plant ‘Inspection’ & ‘Life Assessment’ Services

In this Plant Services Brochure you will find useful and interesting information on ETD’s plant inspection and integrity/ life assessment services. These include:

a) Traditional NDE inspection: Using, for example, Boroscopy, PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing), EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Testing), PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current), LFET (Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing), Replication (including replica assessment), Hardness testing, Wall Thickness profiling, Oxide Thickness measurement etc.

b) New state-of-the-art Innovative NDE Inspection Techniques: Developed through ETD’s collaborative joint industry projects. This includes equipment such as (details later in this brochure): a) Portable spark erosion ‘boat sampling’ machine (called EDSE), b) Portable Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) for on-site early stage nano and micro level damage detection especially in materials like P91, c) ‘Obikou’ pipe reinforcement technique which offers creep life extension of creep damaged seamless or seam welded pipes, by simply and quickly reinforcing them with multiple layers of a thin high-temperature alloy strip, and, d) Our newly invented first of its kind portable ‘precision’ hardness tester, called ‘Smart Sleeve’, which improves the accuracy of the ‘MIC 10’ or other portable hardness testers.

c) Integrity/ Life Assessment: In addition to inspection, ETD offers independent and impartial plant safe remaining life assessment using both deterministic and probabilistic techniques. It has its own software for crack assessment, RBM/ RBI and carries out routinely both root cause failure analysis (RCA), replica and life extension/ assessment for pressure parts and turbine components and RCM.

Details of the services and opportunities being offered can be seen by clicking on the image.

Recent Completed Project on 'Creep Assessment Using SFM & Standard Replication' for a European Plant

ETD is pleased to announce the successful recent completion of a Creep Assessment project. The principal objective of this study was to examine components in order to detect the presence of any creep cavities. The components are manufactured in P11 steel. In order to perform this study ETD suggested using standard replication technique and its most advanced equipment Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) and (EDSE).

The scope of the work included:

  • Firstly, operation details such as temperature, pressure and service hours were checked in advance in order to have a general understanding of the condition of the components. Component drawings were then checked to organize inspection with the SFM and to identify replica spots and EDSE sampling locations.
  • Secondly, Component inspection was performed with the SFM microscope. The number of scans depended on the number of areas identified for inspection on each component. Replication was then performed after SFM scanning is completed. The replication was carried out at the same location where SFM scan was carried out. The number of replicas depended on the number of areas identified for examination and time available at the plant.
  • Next, The EDSE was used to cut out two to three specimens (depending on the accessibility of the location) of the dimensions. These were studied later in the laboratory to counter check the damage detected by the SFM and replication. For such a comparison it will be necessary to study these samples both under the Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopes.
  • Lastly, a report was submitted covering results of investigations and recommendations for any further actions to be taken.

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Offer of On-Site Plant Services, Root Cause Failure Analysis and Life Assessment

If you have an upcoming outage in 2017 or beyond, ETD Consulting - a UK based company operating globally, would like to offer a quote for your outage work. We can make technically excellent and cost-effective proposals for your on-site NDE services and/ or post-outage life assessment.

The advantage of ETD over many others is that ETD can conduct both on-site services and post-outage life assessment. We are also independent so can provide you impartial services. Our expertise in plant integrity/ life assessment, Condition Assessment, FFS, RBI etc. is well established and is backed up by state-of-the-art technologies developed in collaboration with the international industry – technologies that are the envy of our competitors. Our long established expertise means that, when we review your plant’s historical operations and maintenance data, we know what to look for and what needs to be inspected and tested during the outage. We can therefore direct and co-ordinate our testing and inspection teams to undertake the most appropriate tests in the right spots, ensuring the most productive use of your outage time, to gather the most useful testing data and samples for analysis. We can then, if required, analyse the data and samples and provide you with life assessment reporting and forward thinking operations and maintenance recommendations, or even develop maintenance plans for you, as you require.
Whether your need is for one-off replication services, other NDE on-site services and/or life assessment - or if you want one organisation to design, manage and run your entire outage and life assessment process, ETD can assist.

We know that many organisations require supplier pre-approval and we are happy to undertake such registrations if needed.

If you would be interested in discussing potential projects further please feel free to contact us.

ETD Now Provides “Obikou” High Temperature Pipe Strengthening Service

As a result of a partnership agreement with a Power Company in Japan, ETD now offers this unique patented technology service worldwide (including Japan) for the creep life extension of high temperature, high pressure pipelines, especially those already showing creep damage. 

“Obikou” is an on-site service for power, process and other high temperature plant and has shown to achieve creep life extension by a factor of about 4. It simply involves quickly reinforcing a potentially vulnerable or creep damaged pipe with multiple layers of thin high-temperature alloys strip that is wound/wrapped around a pipe thus halting/ reducing the development of creep damage. Details can be seen in the ETD's “Obikou” Newsletter by clicking on the image (right).

References on the R&D work carried out in support of Obikou, Japanese plant experience with Obikou, and other details can be provided on request. Please contact:

ETD Offering New Innovative & Patented Technologies for High Temperature Plant Inspection, Monitoring, Repair and Life Assessment

ETD is now offering following new patented technologies for the inspection, monitoring, repair and life extension of high temperature plant components. These are particularly, but not exclusively, suitable for P91 and P92 components. References and details can be provided on request.

  • Technology for reinforcing seamless or seam welded pipelines
  • Technology for reinforcing butt welded pipelines
  • Identifying damaged parts of a component using a portable (World's Smallest) laser measurement device
  • Technology for determining the residual life of 9Cr steels
  • Technology for on-site examination/ inspection of industrial components for early stage (nano or micro level) creep, fatigue, corrosion or similar damage type and microstructural features - particularly useful for P91 and P92 components.

For more information about these new developments. Please click on the image.