Recent Completed Project on ‘Pipe Hanger Inspection & Stress Analysis of Piping Systems for an Existing Unit of a Power Utility in the Far East’

ETD was contacted to study some of the hangers of the client’s existing unit. The client’s management expressed interest in performing pipe hanger inspection including stress analysis, inspection methodology & recommendations for this Unit.

ETD carried out the following work:

  • Review of Relevant Piping Documents
  • Perform Hanger Inspection (Hot & Cold walk-down)
  • Piping & Hanger Inspection Data Analysis
  • Piping System Modelling and Stress Analysis
  • Results Analysis and Validation
  • Training in Pipe Inspection, Data Analysis and Stress Analysis
  • Recommendations and Submission of the Final Deliverables
  • Presentation of Final results.
  • For more information about ETD’s Stress Analysis services, please click here.