Recently Obtained Project on Best Practices Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Steam Turbines and Auxiliary Equipment


ETD is pleased to announce it has just successfully won the project of guidelines for the operation and maintenance of steam turbines for a North African based plant.

The Steam Turbine (ST) is a critical part of the power generating cycle in thermal power plant and plays a key role in the conversion of thermal energy into mechanical energy in order to efficiently drive the generator and produce electricity. The ability to convert this energy in the most economical, reliable and efficient way possible is critical. Therefore, the overall system equipment has to be maintained and operated appropriately to ensure that the performance objectives are achieved.

As ETD have carried out various practical review and survey type projects on risk assessment, condition assessment, life assessment and cost analysis studies including review of clients’ data on cost issues, risk events, maintenance programs, reliability and availability of plants, fleet wise comparison/benchmarking of plant performance for European, USA and Asian utilities, etc. Therefore ETD were approached to develop a manual with best practice guidelines in the operation and maintenance of steam turbines and all associated auxiliary equipment of power plants to ensure performance needs are met and further improved. It was intended that these guidelines for the operation and maintenance of steam turbine and auxiliary equipment will include sufficient information for the users to effectively manage the equipment safety and integrity. ETD have also carried out comprehensive reviews of related areas such as ‘on-line monitoring tools’, ‘developments in risk-based maintenance programs and inspection techniques’, ‘guidelines for CCGT/HRSG lifing and risk-based approaches’, ‘plant cycling (both conventional and CCGTs/ HRSGs)’, damage due to cyclic operation and risk-based inspection, power plant component replacement strategies and technical and financial risks, etc. Through its Group Sponsored Projects (GSPs) ETD has developed new and more sophisticated techniques for power plant inspection and these have included the development of the portable Scanning Force Microscope (SFM), Electrical Discharge Sampling Equipment (EDSE) - a spark erosion device for ‘boat sampling’, and its precision portable hardness tester known as the ‘Smart Sleeve’.

This manual is aimed to introduce plant staff to the role of steam turbines and their auxiliaries in power stations and provide an understanding of their workings and benefits. There are significant variations in the design and structure with the various manufacturers and this will be generally addressed.

The manual will offer a practical guide as to how steam turbines and their associated auxiliaries are constructed, operated and maintained with emphasis on the best practices. The construction sections detailed design principles and the materials utilised. Later sections will cover best operating and maintenance issues under varying operating scenarios and finally the thermodynamics and efficiency considerations of steam turbines will be addressed.

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