Creep Damage Assessment of HRSG Components at a CCGT Plant

ETD recently completed a project on Creep Damage Assessment of HRSG Components at a CCGT Plant in Asia.

ETD were requested by the client to provide a proposal for creep damage assessment based on examination of the replicas using optical microscopy & SEM, and determine the consumed creep life fraction. ETD therefore proposed to study the replicas, and classify the creep damage levels observed – according to established creep-damage classification guidelines. Based on creep damage level classifications, the creep life fraction consumed would then be estimated.

The work carried out included:

  • Optical Microscopy & SEM - The replicas were studied using an optical microscope & SEM in all microstructural regions present (i.e. parent metal and weld and heat affected zone (HAZ) where applicable). Creep cavities were then counted to provide an estimate of the creep cavity density.
  • Determination of Consumed Creep Life Fraction - The damage level was classified in accordance with established creep damage classification guidelines relevant to the material being assessed. Based on the assessed damage level, the consumed creep life fraction was then estimated.
  • A report was then issued detailing the assessment findings and consumed creep life estimates for each component studied. The report contained relevant photographic records and highlighted any possible causes for concern.

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ETD's Defect Assessment Webinar recording now available to view online

ETD Consulting hosted a Defect Assessment webinar on 17 September 2014. If you missed it, you can now view a recording of the webinar by clicking below. 

This webinar includes a worked through demonstration of ETD's Defect Assessment software, CrackFit. CrackFit is available for rental or purchase and you can read more about CrackFit here.

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