Offer of Unique P91, P92 Services for New & Running Plants

In this P91/P92 Services Brochure you will find useful and interesting information on ETD’s unique P91, P92 Services for New & Running Plants. These include:

a) Inspection, Monitoring, Assessment & Life Extension Services: Over the last decade through its collaborative research programmes, with its international industry partners, involving large pipe testing ETD has developed a suite of specialist inspection and monitoring techniques and life assessment methodologies that it offers to plants worldwide. These are offered in addition to the conventional NDE techniques for the detection and sizing of defects, together with replication and portable hardness testing for component condition and remaining life assessment. ETD carries out code-based calculations of creep life using either deterministic or probabilistic (another of ETD specialities) methodologies. Examples of these techniques include: Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) for early stage damage detection, Miniature sample removal (boat sampling) for quality checks and life/condition assessment, Precision Portable Hardness Tester (known as ‘Smart sleeve’), ‘Obikou’ for Pipe Strengthening and Life Extension and Defect/Crack Assessment.

 b) Root Cause Failure Analysis: Over the years ETD has developed an expertise in the root cause failure investigation of P91 and P92 components/welds. In the recent past, ETD has investigated a range of failures of T91 tube components and welds, and cracking in P91 pipes and drain-line components in conventional boilers and HRSGs. In these investigations, ETD identifies the root cause of the damage, and proposes remedial actions and solutions to the problem.

c) Consultancy & Guidelines on Materials & Welding: ETD provides P91 and P92 users with advice and guidance on the metallurgy, welding and heat treatment of these steels. This service includes reviewing weld procedure specifications (WPS) for similar and dissimilar metal welds, inspection of NDE records, and guidelines for repair welding of P91. The advice is provided to both the plant operators and designers/ manufacturers. This advice is based on ETD’s P91 experience in a number of Group Sponsored Projects including its running of the International P91 Users Group (Int. P91UG) for international industry over more than a decade and its involvement as consultants to many a power plants worldwide.

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Offer of Both Traditional and Innovative Plant ‘Inspection’ & ‘Life Assessment’ Services

In this Plant Services Brochure you will find useful and interesting information on ETD’s plant inspection and integrity/ life assessment services. These include:

a) Traditional NDE inspection: Using, for example, Boroscopy, PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing), EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Testing), PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current), LFET (Low Frequency Electromagnetic Testing), Replication (including replica assessment), Hardness testing, Wall Thickness profiling, Oxide Thickness measurement etc.

b) New state-of-the-art Innovative NDE Inspection Techniques: Developed through ETD’s collaborative joint industry projects. This includes equipment such as (details later in this brochure): a) Portable spark erosion ‘boat sampling’ machine (called EDSE), b) Portable Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) for on-site early stage nano and micro level damage detection especially in materials like P91, c) ‘Obikou’ pipe reinforcement technique which offers creep life extension of creep damaged seamless or seam welded pipes, by simply and quickly reinforcing them with multiple layers of a thin high-temperature alloy strip, and, d) Our newly invented first of its kind portable ‘precision’ hardness tester, called ‘Smart Sleeve’, which improves the accuracy of the ‘MIC 10’ or other portable hardness testers.

c) Integrity/ Life Assessment: In addition to inspection, ETD offers independent and impartial plant safe remaining life assessment using both deterministic and probabilistic techniques. It has its own software for crack assessment, RBM/ RBI and carries out routinely both root cause failure analysis (RCA), replica and life extension/ assessment for pressure parts and turbine components and RCM.

Details of the services and opportunities being offered can be seen by clicking on the image.

Completed Root Cause Cracking Analysis of Methanol Reformer Pigtails Project

ETD Consulting is pleased to announce that it has just completed a project on the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and life assessment of methanol reformer pigtails at a chemical plant in the Middle East.

ETD had been requested to perform Root Cause Analysis and life assessment for 10 methanol reformer pigtail parts. The methanol reformer pigtails were in service since 2013. Cracks were observed on some of the pigtails’ external surface and therefore, the client expressed interest to perform RCA for these pigtails to determine the root causes of these cracks. The pigtails are operating under high temperature condition and made of nickel-chromium alloy.

The scope of the work to be carried out was: 

  • Visual and dimensional examination of the pigtail samples including internal and external appearance;
  • Assessment of condition of the internal and external surface including identification of inclusions/ contaminations, welding defects etc (if any existed);
  • Chemical analysis of base material to determine the chemical composition of the pigtail parts material to establish actual material constituents;
  • Metallographic examination of the pigtail samples using optical microscopy (if necessary using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)) to assess the condition of the internal and external surfaces, to identify phase changes in microstructure / material degradation and precipitations and also to identify the damage mechanism(s);
  • Tensile testing and Hardness testing and evaluation to determine the equivalent tensile strength values (using published hardness/ UTS correlation tables) to assess the mechanical strength or softening of the pigtail materials or welds;
  • Review of design drawings, design & operating parameters, previous failure and maintenance history.
  • Detailed RCA and life assessment based on the findings of above investigations to determine the root cause(s) of damages/ cracks.
  • Report covering results of investigation, root cause analysis & recommendations for any further actions to be taken by the client for safe operation of the components.

The work was completed successfully in February 2016. 

ETD has established expertise in the failure analysis of the components for power plant boilers and turbines and process industry. For more information about our failure analysis services please click here.

ETD Providing Services in Saudi Arabia

ETD Consulting is proud to announce the recent collaboration with Axis Metallurgy who are based in Saudi Arabia.

Through Axis, ETD now provides services to groups in Saudi Arabia & the Middle East in: 

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis.
  • Life Assessment.
  • In-situ Metallography.
  • Integrity Scanning Force Microscope (I-SFM).
  • Fitness for Service.
  • Risk Based Inspection.
  • Weld Analysis.
  • Materials Evaluations.
  • Repair/replacement Analysis.
  • and more.

ETD & Axis provide services in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • Power Plants.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Refineries.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Construction.
  • Defense.
  • Automobile.

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Power Plant HRSG Remaining Life Assessment project completed

ETD recently completed a project at a power generation plant based in Jakarta, Indonesia. The work involved remaining life assessment on their HRSG boilers which are used in combined cycle operation.

To see what the feedback was on this project, please click on the image. 

ETD has established expertise in the life assessment of components from petrochemical and power plants operating in the creep regime. For more information about our Remaining Life Assessment Services please click here.

Coal Power Plant & Materials Life Assessment, 1st edition, published

ETD is pleased to announce a new publication, edited by our Managing Director, Dr A Shibli and published by Woodhead Publishing.

Coal Power Plant Materials and Life Assessment (1st edition) reviews the materials used in coal plants, and how they can be assessed and managed to optimise plant operation.

Part I considers the structural alloys used in coal plants.

Part II then reviews performance modelling and life assessment techniques, explains the inspection and life-management approaches that can be adopted to optimise long term plant operation, and considers the technical and economic issues involved in meeting variable energy demands.

The text:

  • Summarises key research on coal-fired power plant materials, their behaviour under operational loads, and approaches to life assessment and defect management;
  • Details the range of structural alloys used in coal power plants, and the life assessment techniques applicable to defect-free components under operational loads;
  • Reviews the life assessment techniques applicable to components containing defects and the approaches that can be adopted to optimise plant operation and new plant and component design.

For more information click here.

ETD becomes associate partner of Power Plant Preservation & Operation Conference, Europe - Prague, 8-10 October 2014

ETD Consulting is pleased to be associated with this major European Conference on Power Plant Preservation & Operation, run by EventfulPower.

ETD has provided two speakers for the Conference: 

  • W Moore, listed as one of the lead speakers, will open the Conference on the first day, with a Paper on the 'Short & Long-term Preservation of Power Plant Boilers' at 09.00h;


  • S Hampson will close the first day of the Conference with a Paper titled 'Power Plant Cyclic Operation - Cost & Performance Implications' at 16.40h.

For further details and to register, please click on the Conference brochure image.  

ETD launches two new Group Sponsored Projects - 'Abnormal P91' & 'P91/92 Inspection & Lifing' - new Sponsors invited to join!

ETD Consulting announces two new Group Sponsored Projects (GSPs)

  1. ‘Abnormal P91’ on creep rupture strength of aberrant P91 base and weld metals. This 5- year duration project involves the generation of long term (up to 30kh) stress rupture data for the parent and weld metals often found in power plants which have not been properly heat treated and which need integrity and life evaluation.
  2. 'P91-P92 Inspection and Lifing' This 2-year duration project deals with the evaluation of some of the new and innovative inspection techniques on P91 and P92 pipes being tested under creep and creep-fatigue conditions and relating such damage to the remaining life of these components. 

For further information on these GSPs see our Active GSPs

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ETD completes large projects on inspection & life assessment of P91 welds, Philippines & Malaysia

ETD Consulting has just completed two large projects on the inspection and life assessment of P91 welds in thick section components.

The work was carried out on

- a coal fired power plant in Philippines; and

- an HRSG in Malaysia.

The winning of such projects, some through open tenders, demonstrates ETD Consulting’s reputation as international P91 experts.

To learn more about our expertise in Advanced Materials including P91 and the services we can offer please click here

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