Business Development Consultant/ Staff

ETD Ltd., a UK based consulting and R&D company, is looking for experienced engineers to work in business development role. This position will suit engineers with background in power and/or process plant inspection and life assessment. The job will involve identifying relevant UK, European or international tenders and organising and submitting proposals.

This job may suit independent consultants, not necessarily based in the UK, prepared to work on project by project basis with bonuses for successful proposals. Alternatively, it may suit part or full-time employees prepared to work in business development, with proven track record in this area, and possibly in plant inspection and life assessment. 

We are open to discussing various options with those with the right experience, background and track record. 

ETD is based in rural Surrey, just south of London. 

Please write or talk, in confidence, to Dr Ahmed Shibli at:  Tel: +44 1372 363111 or, +44 7881097730 (mobile/ cell).