ETD Now Provides “Obikou” for P91 High Temp. Pipe Repair and Strengthening Service

As a result of a partnership agreement with a Power Company in Japan, ETD now offers this unique patented technology service worldwide (including Japan) for the creep life extension of high temperature, high pressure pipelines, especially those already showing creep damage. The technology has especially been developed and tried in power plants on Reheater P91 pipes.

“Obikou” is an on-site service for power, process and other high temperature plant and has shown to achieve creep life extension by a factor of 4 or more. It simply involves quickly reinforcing potentially vulnerable or creep damaged seamless or seam welded pipes and bends with multiple layers of a thin stainless steel strip that is wound/wrapped around a pipe thus halting/ reducing the development of creep damage by introducing compressive stress and thus reducing the operating tensile/circumferential stress. Please click on the image adjacent to see a brief of the proposal offering this service.

References on the R&D work carried out in support of Obikou, Japanese plant experience and full proposal are provided on request. Please contact us.