Pipeline Stress Analysis

ETD Consulting has extensive experience in the field of performing remaining life assessment of steam pipelines at power, petrochemical and refinery plants

The stress analysis is performed considering the 'as-built' and 'as-exists' conditions, using CAESAR II 2011 software, and is able to base the results on both deterministic (using combined inverse design stress and creep rupture time solutions) and probabilistic (using the Monte Carlo Simulation technique) methods for calculating the remaining creep and fatigue life of the pipeline components.

The creep and fatigue life calculations are based on the BS 1113 and EN12952 Part 3 standards respectively. Pipeline hanger readings in the Hot and Cold conditions collected during plant walkdowns, NDT and metallurgical replication data are used to refine and validate the results of the stress analysis by observing the levels of damage at the high stress areas such as welds, elbows and connections to large forged components, using industry recognised damage classification schemes. ETD Consulting then provides recommendations and remedial actions to ensure that the pipeline components are able to ensure safe and reliable operation for the remainder of the design life and beyond.