Asset Integrity

The pressures being placed on industry to ‘sweat the assets’ puts ever more stringent demands on the plant and components, as well as on the people responsible for continued safe and reliable operation. Conservatism in design frequently allows life to be extended beyond that originally intended and careful husbandry of components can in many cases provide significant life extension.

ETD Consulting’s Asset Integrity Services assist clients in making informed decisions on the operation and maintenance of their plant and to manage the risks their operations place upon the assets they own or operate

The benefits can include - 

  • Improved safety and reliability
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Scheduled repair or replacement 
  • Cost savings

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Why Asset Integrity?

During the life cycle of an engineering structure or component, it is not unusual for the operating conditions to alter. This may be a result of a planned or scheduled change; it may be due unforeseen changes in the environment or process; or as a result of deterioration in the general condition of the component. When this occurs, the original design criteria no longer provides a reliable indication of  performance and longevity.   Asset Integrity Services provides information on the condition of a component  under ‘current’ and ‘planned’ future operating conditions, enabling the operator to plan for the remaining life of that component. Asset Integrity Services offers an array of tools, skills and techniques for assessment and analysis of component integrity in -