Plant Benchmarking

The increasing competition in the power generation sector has had significant implications for plant operation; it requires thinking in strategic and economic terms, rather than purely technical terms. This is not always easy for the global community of power plant operators, which is heavily dominated by engineers with a 'technical mindset'. 

The need for efficient location, capacity, type of fuel, number of units, plant age, manufacturer, operating hours and maintenance & inspection contracts; effective scheduling of plant activities, such as outages and maintenance; greater use of analytical tools to conduct cost/benefit evaluation of proposed activities are changing the industry mindset. These programs of improvement however are generally performed in isolation due to factors such as confidentiality, and therefore improved methodology is not widely available.

ETD Consulting has both the technical and the strategic expertise to understand problems from an economical and technical point of view

ETD Consulting has the collected data from over 150 power plants across the globe, covering power plant characteristics, operation, company staff costs and expertise, breakdowns/overhauls, maintenance, plant reliability and availability. ETD Consulting has developed flexible procedures, tools and techniques for measuring plant performance, so we can compare the performance of our clients' units to that of others and identify "top of the class" performance standards for their peer groups.

We use our wealth of accumulated knowledge to set individual plant specific goals, which are measured against the industry benchmarks

Two examples of the benefits of benchmarking are as follows:

  1. A European utility with plants in three European countries, the USA and Australia approached ETD Consulting to benchmark 15 of its plants and compare their various performance indicators not only with each other but also with the best in the ETD Consulting database. This helped the utility senior management to identify plants that were relatively poor performers. ETD Consulting was then given the task of identifying the possible factors that may have contributed to the poor performance of those plants and propose remedial measures

  2. A large utility in Europe asked ETD Consulting, as a part of its ‘Benchmarking work’, to study its European plants' costs for the last five years (in terms of modifications, repairs, operation, inspection etc), prepare the cost models and, based on those models, predict realistically the budgets for the next three years. This can help the utility to forecast its costs and profits in the short term at least and prepare itself by ensuring that adequate budgets are available for the future plant inspection, maintenance etc.

Plants can perform better if the recommendations from ETD Consulting, based on predictive (PdM), preventive (PM) and corrective (CM) maintenance, are followed. Optimisation of these three factors would reduce the forced outage in turn would improve the performance of the plant. From the extensive ETD Consulting database, the optimum values of PdM, PM and CM have been calculated, to accurately determine plant performance.  

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