Portable Precision ‘Smart Sleeve’ Hardness Tester

ETD has now developed a portable ‘precision hardness tester’ (known as ‘Smart Sleeve’).  We have carried out initial test trials on various steel pipes, tubes and plates giving excellent results with a general scatter of about 2 to 3 VPN only, compared with a usual scatter of + - 20 VPN or more. It is called a ‘Smart Sleeve’ because the software and electronics developed with it allows the equipment to be adopted for use with any portable hardness tester although the first sleeve has been manufactured for use with MIC10. ‘Smart Sleeve’ has been designed to be ‘levelled’ on different tube, pipe and other  component types and sizes. Graph below show the results of hardness on ferritic alloy steel pipes, (Carbon Steel, P22, P91 and P92) using MIC 10 and MIC 10 with ’Smart Sleeve’.

ETD is pleased to announce that after extensive tests we have now, for the first time, used our ‘Smart Sleeve’ commercially on a power plant in July 2018 in a remaining life assessment project. For more details please click here.



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