ETD Consulting has developed a range of innovative software packages tailored to meet the needs of industry and improve performance in the fields of integrity / inspection and life assessment. 

For brief details of these groundbreaking pieces of software and how they could assist you, see the descriptions below. Click on the software logos below for further information.

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CrackFit is a software tool for the assessment of cracks/defects in both high and low temperature plants. CrackFit represents the cutting edge in crack / defect assessment software.

ETD Consulting has developed an e-Atlas of approximately 10,000 replicas of the commonly used steels in the power and petrochemical industry and their relationship with the material life as a function of operating time and temperature - providing plant engineers the ability to compare the microstructure of in-service components with a huge compendium of reference microstructures.

e-Lifing is a Compendium of Lifing Procedures formulated by ETD Consulting through years of research & development work, in collaboration with our international partners from Japan.