ETD Training

ETD Consulting is world renowned for its training courses

ETD offers specialist training courses in a variety of areas, including - 

  • Plant Life Assessment & Management

  • Gas Turbines

  • Steam Turbines

  • New Advanced Materials (T23/24, P91, P92, Nickel based alloys, etc.)

  • HRSG Integrity

  • Plant Cycling (conventional steam plants, CCGT and HRSG)

  • Weld Repair & Assessment

  • Risk Based Maintenance & Inspection etc.

By training with ETD you can be confident that you are learning from top industry and academic experts.

Bespoke training for your needs

In addition to our regularly run training courses, ETD Consulting is happy to provide bespoke training courses to suit your needs. These can be held at your sites anywhere in the world or at ETD's training centre in the UK.

Alternatively, our state of the art videoconferencing suite enables delegates to remotely participate in our courses, allowing complete participation while saving time and money.

For some examples of training courses we can offer, please click on the brochure image



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