Vendor Qualification

Our Vendor Qualification service helps our clients focus on the complete elimination of any deficiencies in either design, manufacturing or processing, so that when equipment begins service plant owners and operators can have confidence that the material will perform as intended by the design. ETD Consulting can assess a variety of factors - 

  • The initial design can be reviewed to verify the technical soundness of such factors as alloy selection, maximum design temperatures, as well as dissimilar and similar weld metal design, location, heat treatments.
  • Material procurement can be reviewed to include specification of optimum chemistry and heat treatments for a wide variety of materials (particularly the advanced P91/P92/CSEF steels). As appropriate supplier surveillance including inspection and testing to verify compliance with all critical requirements. We can also use our extensive network of contacts to put you in touch with material and component manufacturers.
  • Fabrication specifications can be reviewed for approval of welding procedures, bending, heat treatments, etc. ETD can conduct Quality Assurance surveillance of the fabricator to ensure that all of your requirements are met. Where appropriate we can conduct inspection and testing.
  • We can produce a comprehensive data package that fully documents the acceptability of the material and manufacturing history, forming the basis of long term life assessment monitoring.

For more information about our Vendor Qualification services please contact us.