remote attendance at etd events

The video and sound quality during the P91/92 conference was excellent. I had no trouble seeing the presentation or hearing the presenter. The staff at ETD was professional and helpful if minor difficulties arose. With the increasing cost of international travel, I would recommend using the video conference option provided by ETD.
— Babcock & Wilcox delegate attending remotely via computer from USA, 4 days in October 2014

ETD has a state of the art videoconference and remote training setup at our base in the UK.

This means that, if you want to benefit from events at our Training Centre in Surrey (just south of London), UK, but the distance or costs of travel / accommodation are prohibitive, you can still attend remotely.

You watch the trainers / presenters in real-time during our events and they will be able to see you. You are able to fully interact with them in discussions and Q & As as if you were in the room. All from wherever you are based in the world.

All you need is a videoconferencing system, or even just a laptop 

Many larger organisations should have their own videoconferencing systems, which we can connect to. If you do not, then as long as you have a laptop or other computer with a stable internet connection, ETD can ensure you benefit from our remote training.

Fully tested for seamless interaction 

At ETD we are careful to ensure that we fully test our systems with yours before any event, at a mutually convenient time. This means that when it comes to the event itself you can enjoy seamless interaction and involvement, without having to worry about the technology. We have successfully run events of up to 6 days in length with a combination of delegates attending in person and remotely and are experienced at this method of training delivery.

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