Creep & Fracture in High Temperature Components

Design & Life Assessment Issues

  • Creep, fatigue and failure in steels, superalloys and other metals.
  • New data on creep in nuclear and power plant components.
  • Defect, damage and life assessment tools and data for improved design.

This book is a critically important compendium of European and worldwide research investigating creep, fatigue and failure behaviours in metals under high-temperature and other service stresses. Comprising over 110 fully refereed and not previously published papers, this volume is intended to help set the standards for coordinating creep data and for maintaining defect-free quality in high-temperature metals and metal-based weldments. Areas of application include power generation, furnaces, pipes and tubes, and turbine components. Presentations cover microstructural testing, as well in-plant component performance, of a variety of steels and alloys. New information is presented for alloys that do not undergo Type IV cracking. In addition, data is offered for life assessment and long-term protection of metal-based assets with special attention paid to emerging applications of metals in nuclear power reactors and plants.

Proceedings of the Second ECCC Creep Conference

April 21-23, 2009

Edited by:

I.A. Shibli

European Technology Development

Surrey, U.K.

S.R. Holdsworth
EMPA Materials Science & Technology, Dubendorf, Switzerland

ISBN: 978-1-60595-005-1, © 2009, 7×10

soft cover, 1338 pages

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