High-temperature plant integrity and life extension are crucial considerations in the context of power plants. Power generation facilities, particularly those utilizing high-temperature processes such as coal-fired, gas-fired, or nuclear plants, are subject to extreme operating conditions that can lead to material degradation and reduced component lifespan. Therefore, ensuring the integrity of plant structures and equipment is paramount for safety, reliability, and operational efficiency. High temperature plant integrity involves comprehensive monitoring, inspection, and maintenance practices to detect and mitigate potential issues such as corrosion, creep, fatigue, and thermal stresses. Life extension strategies, on the other hand, focus on assessing the remaining useful life of critical components and implementing measures to extend their operational lifespan through upgrades, refurbishments, or replacements. By proactively addressing high temperature plant integrity and pursuing life extension efforts, power plants can maximize their operational efficiency, optimize maintenance costs, and sustain reliable power generation for years to come.

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