ETD is launching a new 6-month duration multi-client Group Sponsored Project (GSP). This involves the use of ETD’s state of the art portable Scanning Force Microscope (SFM) for the on-site inspection of Gas Turbine blades for their gamma prime particle coarsening and blade condition assessment.  After some preliminary successful work in the laboratory on cut out pieces from a GT blade, we are encouraged to take this development to the next phase of optimising the etching, SFM image resolution parameters and developing some basic relationship parameters between the coarsening of the gamma prime precipitates and the blade condition.


This investigation should be of huge benefit to the GT blade manufacturers, plant owners and operators to have access to a new and innovative technology and tool that helps to non-destructively examine and assess the condition and life of GT blades saving significant costs.


Please click here  to download the proposal details.

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