Advanced Materials Consulting

At our company, we offer a comprehensive CSEF asset management program that encompasses crack assessment, aiming to optimize the service life of power plant assets while minimizing any future problems associated with advanced materials such as P91, P92, CSEF steels, and Ni-superalloys.

Our dedicated team of experts utilizes advanced crack assessment techniques to evaluate the condition of the assets. We thoroughly analyze operating conditions, stress levels, and potential degradation mechanisms to identify and assess any cracks or potential crack initiation points.

By incorporating crack assessment into our asset management program, we enable clients to proactively address crack-related concerns and mitigate risks. We provide detailed reports outlining the severity and criticality of any detected cracks, along with recommendations for appropriate repair or mitigation strategies.

Through regular inspections, ongoing condition monitoring, and tailored maintenance protocols, we help clients effectively manage and maintain their assets. We also provide guidance on material selection, repair techniques, and improvements to enhance performance, reliability, and crack resistance.

Our ultimate aim is to assist clients in achieving optimal operational efficiency, minimizing downtime, and avoiding costly repairs or replacements associated with crack propagation. With our specialized knowledge in CSEF materials and Ni-superalloys, we ensure that power plant assets are thoroughly assessed for cracks, allowing for informed decisions and proactive maintenance.

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Root Cause Failure Analysis

At our company, we take pride in offering a comprehensive failure analysis service that is specifically designed to identify damage and failure mechanisms within power plant assets. Our service focuses on various failure mechanisms, including but not limited to creep, fatigue, corrosion, and metal dusting.

Our dedicated team of experts utilizes advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly investigate and analyze the failed components. We aim to determine the root cause of the failure and provide clients with valuable insights and recommendations to minimize the risk of repeat failures.

During the failure analysis process, we conduct meticulous examinations of the failed components, considering factors such as operating conditions, material properties, and environmental factors. We employ a range of diagnostic methods, including visual inspections, material testing, non-destructive testing, and chemical analysis.

By employing a multi-disciplinary approach, we can effectively pinpoint the specific failure mechanisms and underlying causes. This allows us to provide clients with detailed reports that outline the nature of the damage, the root cause of the failure, and actionable recommendations to mitigate the risk of future failures.

Our recommendations may include material selection improvements, changes in operating conditions, modifications to maintenance practices, or other appropriate measures tailored to the specific situation. We strive to help clients implement proactive strategies that enhance asset integrity, improve reliability, and minimize costly downtime.

With our comprehensive failure analysis service, clients can gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to failures and make informed decisions to prevent recurrence. Our goal is to support clients in maintaining the optimal performance, safety, and longevity of their power plant assets.

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Examples of ETD's recent failure analysis projects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Metallurgical & Failure Analysis is the process of investigating and analyzing the root cause of equipment failure or material deterioration to prevent future failures. Our team of experts at ETD Consulting specializes in providing metallurgical and failure analysis services to various industries, including power plants, oil and gas, aerospace, and manufacturing.
At ETD Consulting, we follow a step-by-step process for conducting metallurgical & failure analysis. Our process includes a thorough visual inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, and laboratory analysis. We use techniques such as Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle testing, and Replication to gather and analyze data, conduct stress and fatigue calculations, and provide recommendations for future operations.
Power plants can benefit from Metallurgical & Failure Analysis by detecting the root cause of equipment failure or deterioration and implementing necessary modifications to prevent future failures. ETD Consulting provides power plant life assessment, lifetime assessment of power plants, and plant quality and reliability assurance services, utilizing the latest data modelling and risk assessment techniques to optimize operations and reduce downtime.
Yes, at ETD Consulting, we offer design modifications for existing engineering parts to improve their performance and lifespan. We conduct creep analysis, fatigue damage, and crack propagation analysis to provide design modifications that ensure the safe and reliable operation of your equipment.
ETD Consulting performs a variety of testing and inspection techniques, including Ultrasonic testing, Magnetic particle testing, and Hardness testing, to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment. Our experts conduct thorough inspections and provide recommendations for maintenance and optimization techniques to improve your equipment's performance and lifespan.
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