We have developed a range of software packages tailored to meet the needs of industry and improve performance in the fields of integrity / inspection and life assessment.

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Our Software

  • A software tool for the assessment of cracks/defects in high and low temperature plants developed in collaboration with European industry. The software combines widely accepted fracture assessment procedures (BS 7910, BS 5500, R6, R5 and RCCMR-A16) with our extensive practical field experience. It contains 17 common component geometries from power and process plants. The software includes creep and fatigue crack growth data for a wide range of plant materials used in pressure vessels, piping, and turbines. Crucially, these data include base metals, welds and HAZs.

    CrackFit Flyer
  • This tool provides plant engineers the ability to compare the microstructure of in-service components with a huge compendium of reference microstructures. e-Atlas consists of 10,000 replicas of the commonly used steels in the power and petrochemical industry and their relationship with the material life as a function of operating time and temperature.

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  • e-Lifing is a compendium of lifing assessment procedures developed with our industrial partners in Japan. It includes lifing assessment procedures for components without pre-existing defects, components with manufacturing or service induced defects/cracks; cracks, weld repairs, miniature specimen testing etc.

    E-Lifing Brief
  • For systemic life assessment, it is necessary to set up a precise and detailed life evaluation system with organised analytical/ theoretical calculational approach and data from non- destructive testing. BLAS is a boiler pressure-part component life assessment software used for creep, fatigue, creep-fatigue and combined creep-corrosion life assessments.

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