We have developed a range of software packages tailored to meet the needs of industry and improve performance in the fields of integrity / inspection and life assessment.

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Our Software

  • A software tool for the assessment of cracks/defects in high and low temperature plants developed in collaboration with European industry. The software combines widely accepted fracture assessment procedures (BS 7910, BS 5500, R6, R5 and RCCMR-A16) with our extensive practical field experience. It contains 17 common component geometries from power and process plants. The software includes creep and fatigue crack growth data for a wide range of plant materials used in pressure vessels, piping, and turbines. Crucially, these data include base metals, welds and HAZs.

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  • This tool provides plant engineers the ability to compare the microstructure of in-service components with a huge compendium of reference microstructures. e-Atlas consists of 10,000 replicas of the commonly used steels in the power and petrochemical industry and their relationship with the material life as a function of operating time and temperature.

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  • e-Lifing is a compendium of lifing assessment procedures developed with our industrial partners in Japan. It includes lifing assessment procedures for components without pre-existing defects, components with manufacturing or service induced defects/cracks; cracks, weld repairs, miniature specimen testing etc.

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  • For systemic life assessment, it is necessary to set up a precise and detailed life evaluation system with organised analytical/ theoretical calculational approach and data from non- destructive testing. BLAS is a boiler pressure-part component life assessment software used for creep, fatigue, creep-fatigue and combined creep-corrosion life assessments.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    ETD's software provides comprehensive solutions for power plant life assessment, including stress and fatigue calculations, fracture mechanics, creep analysis, and corrosion propagation. With our software, power plant operators can perform accurate risk assessments, optimize operations, and implement design modifications for existing engineering parts. This ultimately leads to improved plant quality, reliability assurance, and increased plant lifespan.
    Yes, ETD's software is capable of data modeling and analysis. Our software enables users to process large amounts of data efficiently and accurately, making it easier to identify trends and patterns in complex data sets. Additionally, our software incorporates optimization techniques that can help users to make data-driven decisions and improve overall plant performance.
    ETD's software supports a variety of inspection techniques, including hardness testing, ultrasonic testing, and magnetic particle testing. Our software also includes replication, which enables users to create high-fidelity replicas of plant components for analysis and testing purposes. With ETD's software, plant operators can perform thorough inspections and accurately identify and diagnose any issues that may arise.
    ETD's software provides plant operators with a comprehensive view of plant performance and maintenance needs. By using our software, operators can track plant performance over time and identify trends and patterns that can help to inform maintenance schedules. Additionally, our software provides accurate risk assessments that can help operators to prioritize maintenance tasks and allocate resources efficiently.
    Yes, ETD's software is designed to support analysis of boiler and process plant equipment. Our software includes features for stress and fatigue calculations, creep analysis, and fracture mechanics, which are all critical components of process plant equipment analysis. With ETD's software, users can accurately assess equipment performance and make data-driven decisions to improve plant performance and reliability.
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